People are being to sensitive about bullies. I know that it hurts kids feelings. I should know I was bullied when I was younger. People are cruel and it’s just the way things are. Bullies are the reason why people become successful in life. They shape people to be better than those who are mean and selfish. I bet Bill Gates and Steve Jobs were bullied. They are extremely successful. I think the kids from this generation have gotten way crazy. I don’t agree with this whole go kill yourself kinda bullying. What are these crazy kids watching. I think it starts with the parenting. Somewhere down the road they didn’t show them. I’ve never heard of kids being depressed in the 3rd grade. That’s bananas! I was pretty happy kid never going through these type of things. “Mean Girls” in high school never really existed. Now I turn on the news and people act just like them. What has high school become? Take in consideration I’ve only been out for 2 years. Also what’s with these all out brawls on each other?!? Maybe things have gotten out of hand. No more is “4 eyes” bullying. Now there’s cyber bullying. They need to turn it down a notch.


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