After we have stopped communicating weather through text, aim, phone calls, voicemails etc. I think I finally can say I’m no longer bitter about how things abruptly ended after giving you chances to come back just like the song by The Plain White T’s- “If you come back to me I’ll be here waiting because I still believe in a love worth saving..” I never understood why you never wanted to make it work. Always had to mess with what was working and never really caring  until I finally stopped caring. I wouldn’t say after 9+months of being with you was a waste. There was some ups but too many downs that I don’t think I ever deserved to go through. I guess things happen for a reason and now I know what I want and what I believed I wanted then. You live and learn, I sure know I did. After getting that LONG email, I read through it like one of those other emails where I scan and delete because I don’t care. What was said and done it’s in the past and there’s no way I could ever make myself go back. I don’t care to go back, not anymore. Maybe if was earlier I would have responded but now what we had is nothing but a memory. I could never wish bad things but I don’t wish you well. I hope you can move on just as I have done. This is what I wanted to tell you if I had replied, but just replying to you would suck me into a universe I wish not be in. If you ever come across my blog then you will know this was for you. 

Forever & Always,


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