This summer was ok. I went on vacation at the beginning of summer to visit my dad in Mexico and in Vancouver. I took 2 summer classes online no less. Never again. I hate online classes. I’m just not that type of learner. I guess I’d rather sit in a boring lecture half asleep then having the self-motivation to learn it on my own. I finally got a sweet summer job that I plan to keep throughout the rest of the year. I couldn’t have asked for a better job! Promoting, marketing and best of all I attend concerts for free. This summer has honestly dragged on for too long. I had plenty of fun with people. I’ve struggled to maintain my cool for too long. I need to get out and my way out is by learning and consuming myself in school and sports too, which by the way the Texas Rangers are doing amazing and have really gotten into baseball. Hockey and Basketball season is just around the corner which marks the beginning of fall! As I write this I’m already thinking about tomorrow. I guess I should stop. Oh and hey you, I wished you would stop writing to me. I can only deal with so much and you know my breaking point. That’s not very nice of you, but then again when were you nice to me?



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