Today I decided that I will attempt to take a good photo with the Dallas Stars young player Jaime Benn. It’s one of my many goals as is taking a picture with Brad Richards (this one is going to be a little harder). I have recently purchased tickets to 2 games this season. One for a preseason game against the Colorado Avalanche next Friday. The other game is for November 3 against the Pittsburgh Penguins (I really just want to finally meet Sidney Crosby). I might also be going to the regular season opener against the Detroit Red Wings. I want to see Mike Modano kinda. It was about time hockey season started! I’ve been having withdrawals but this also applies to basketball!

Totally different sport BUT yesterday my favorite tennis player won the US Open! Vamos Rafael Nadal!

I will post a few pictures after this post, plus another post because I have to talk about something ├╝ber awesome!

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