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So I’m totally excited about the fair this year! Why you may ask? Well, because I’m going to the fair with some of my best friends in the world! That’s why! Plus, we are going Texas/OU Weekend which just makes that much exciting! Oh don’t forget the food either! The fair opens this TODAY! I’m going next weekend and it’s going to be the most rad experience ever! I know I’ve been to the fair since I was born and you’d think I wouldn’t be this excited for it but I am. My goal is to only spend $100, last year I went a little crazy and spent close to $500 but that doesn’t compare to one year where I spent near $1000…yeah I know crazy! Well the food I’m looking forward to eating this year is the Fried Frito Pie, Fletcher’s Corny Dog, and maybe a beer, frozen and fried margarita or two.  PLUS! Eli Young Band will be there to sing that day! AWESOMENESS! 

Here’s what I’ll be wearing that day as well as my friends:

                                                                                                     State Fair Attire

For The Record: I will be of age (21) the day I go to the fair so I’ll be able to consume alcoholic beverages..nothing illegal going down just FYI. I turn 21 on Sunday! Woop Woop.

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