C'est la vie.

by Felipa Villegas, 9:54 PM

I lost my license Monday afternoon and thus I had to pay a visit to the Department of Motor Vehicles in Carrollton, Texas. This isn’t the funnest of places to spend a Tuesday afternoon. I waited in line for an hour just to be handed a piece of paper check 4 boxes, sign my name and pay $11 for a replacement. The only good thing about losing my license is that I got to take a better picture than the original one. In the whole process of me being there, there was some random guy that decides he was just going to cut in front of me. I’m all for letting people in front of me if they just have a question but this guy had a question that took 37 minutes to answer. Everyone could hear the conversation so I think I’m allowed to share the story. So he was trying to renew his license ( I didn’t know that foreign exchange students have to renew their licenses every year they are in school) he found out he couldn’t since he didn’t have all of his documents. What I found a bit suspicious is that he tried using his student I.D. as identification. His I.D. was from Texas A&M, I’m pretty sure A&M is in College Station and not in Carrollton. Well that was my DMV story. I’ve noticed that every time I go something happens, last time I was there someone got arrested. 

Until the next time.

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