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Hey hey!

How are y’all?!  I am sitting here in my bedroom staring at all the carved wooden penis’s I was gifted in Jakarta. We’ve been enjoying our time off, but rest assure, we’ve actually been super busy. We’ve spent the last week or so picking out pictures for our new album, ‘Dirty Work’. Without saying too much, this is easily the most fun I’ve ever had when making an album’s artwork. Really psyched about how its coming along.

As for JAGK, thank you for everyone who has gone out and picked something up over our BlaGK Friday sales! We’re going to be doing a JAGK Hunt Contest soon and have some more sales/cool opportunities very soon.

2011 is looking busier and busier every day for us. We’re super excited about playing more shows along with new songs. The next time we hit the stage, we’ll be making our way down to Brazil and other parts of South America. Never been! Then we’ll be heading across the pond to tour with our homies in Yellowcard.

On that same note of touring, stay tuned as we will be making some very exciting announcements soon ;)

What’s everyone listening to these days? I’ve been bumping the new Good Charlotte ‘Cardiology’ record, the We Are The In Crowd EP, the last Hit The Lights record (excited for new stuff) and the newest ‘Dirty Work’ mixes :) Comment on the blog and let me know what I should be checking out!

Hope everyone is safe and warm this holiday. And by safe, I mean wear 2 condoms.


Ps. I’ve attached a picture of my bedroom so you’ll all know where you’re gonna be sleeping

3 things to checkout.
2) Get Sleazy- Kesha
3) Hurricane- 30 Seconds to Mars feat. Kanye West

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