New Goal: Be caffeine free.

I rarely drink soda’s because I don’t like them. I do drink the occasional Sprite or Mountain Dew but that’s only when I go out to eat if I know the place doesn’t have bottled water. Tap water is no good; I swear I can taste the difference. On a daily basis I drink about 8-10 cups of water which is equivalent to 64-80 ounces. Lately I’ve noticed that I always feel nauseous when I drink coffee. Keep in mind just last month I was drinking coffee 3-4 times a week. Yes it was Starbucks and if you’re wondering the size on that drink, it was a Venti. Yes, you read that right, Venti. Twenty of the most delicious ounces of coffee with 2 extra shots of expresso in my Skinny Latte.

I think all of that caffeine has finally caught up to me, unfortunately. I’ve decide drinking caffeine-free hot tea in the mornings will have to do the trick in waking me up. 

On another note, I totally slacked on my gym time this weekend and today :(. I was doing so good! All of last week I jogged (on the treadmill) for 5 miles each day Monday-Friday morning. It’s really what kept me from losing my mind while I was iced/snowed-in. Starting up tomorrow for sure! 

P.S.: Thanks to all my new followers :)…Would like more though ;).

Oh yeah, Cowboys Stadium is literally 2 minutes from my university :D.

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