Always think of the worst.

Totally doing this!

One thing I really want on my bucket list...

I’ve added a new item to my bucket list. I want to open if only for a night an art gallery full of photography. CJ inspired me to do it and I will, someday. I have a new camera I hardly use mostly because it’s not just a point and shoot. It’s a DSLR-like camera so it is a bit clunky. Ideally I would start shooting as soon as possible. I will be posting photos on here as soon as I start in hopes one day I have a big enough collection to display in an art gallery in Dallas. Sell my photographs and such.


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Heartache that don’t stop hurting- Jason Aldean

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Outfit Of The Day:

Grey Cardigan/Sweat- Forever21

White Shorts- Forever21

Blue Lace Tank- Express

Blue Bag- Juicy Couture

Green Sandals- Steve Madden

Nail Polish- Matt Mint Sorbet

I hate the waiting game...

I just wanna know the stars will make it to the playoffs. 

I always ask myself how I got so fucking hilarious.