I have a bad habit of browsing the internet for shoes, clothes, and jewelry when I’m bored. This usually leads me to make a list of potential items I can buy first (most affordable), then I work down the list until I get to the more higher end items. 

Here are a few of my new discoveries that I happened to find today. 

From Nordstrom:

Summer Sandals

Color Satchels

From: Pop of Chic

Rings & Bracelets


There you have it! These things have made it on to my list of want all because I virtually window shop while I’m bored. 

Oh, I’m also officially on summer break! Not summer yet, but you get what I mean. Looking forward to some downtime tomorrow, then Thursday I have an interview early in the morning! 

Also, I found a new blog that today on tumblr. It’s called What I Wore by Jessica Quirk! Love it! It’s a fashion blog and she has such amazing posts about what SHE wears. Also, look at the theme she uses! LOVE IT! I’m a bit of graphic design/typography geek. This “geek list” is starting to grow! Ha! 

Until next time, 

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