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You know what today is! It is:

In today’s installment of Pinterest Wednesday I bring you, “arm candy”! and no, I’m not talking about guys!

If any one of y’all has either a pinterest account, instagram, and/or follow fashion blogs, you know what I’m talking about and have seen this trend.

It seems a little flamboyant to wear an excessive amount of jewelry on just one arm (wrist), but it actually looks good!

Here are just a few of my favorite arm candy inspiration pins:

    *All images courtesy of Pinterest and available for viewing on my Pinterest Page*

Here’s a couple of photos of my attempt at “arm candy”.

I got my accessories at a local Dallas store called OM Imports. It basically caters to those that love accessories at VERY affordable prices! My entire look, minus the Chanel bag, $14.50! For my D-FW readers, the store is located on Harry Hines near Sam Moon, Between Forest Lane and Royal Lane. 

I think my next purchase will be a cute BCBG bracelet that seen in some of the pins above. The bracelet’s are actually very affordable at only $18 a piece. What a bargain!

I would buy a watch, but I have 4 and I wear none of them! I merely buy them for accessory purposes. It’s kind of sad that I don’t use them to actually tell time, I rely on my iPhone for the time entirely too much. I’m sure I’m not the only one right?

Enough with my rambling! Do you like this trend? Are you currently obsessing over this over the top “arm candy” like I am? If so, take photo’s and tag me on instagram so I can see y’all take on it! My instagram handle is: iamfelipa.

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Start of a new week and freshly painted nails! Nothing much occurred this weekend other than a little shopping and wondering what life will be like after graduation and becoming “salaried”. That’s a few months away so for now here are today’s nails.


I was actually testing out different shades of gray (no pun intended, ha!). I decided to keep it because it felt a little like the ombre nail trend, also, I was too lazy to actually redo them one solid color (When I took this photo, I still hadn’t cleaned the messy sides).

From the thumb to pink: White-by OPI, Glitter-by Sinful Colors, Wet Cement- by Sally Hansen, Gun Metal- by Sally Hansen, and Black(Glamourous)-by Essence.

Tip: Every had a hard time taking off glitter nail polish? Try this one from Target! It’s amazing! It has to be this one because others don’t do the job.


Working on some new posts for the rest of the week! Stay tuned!

In today’s Pinterest Wednesday, I bring to you an awesome way for you to display your photos! In other words…

Every wanted to display or have a print out of your Instagram photos? Well, browsing through Pinterest, I found this AMAZING tutorial by The College Prepster! It’s surprising I haven’t come across this before, since I follow her blog both on here on Tumblr and Blogger. She gives step by step instructions on how to make Instagram Photo Strips! Check it out y’all!

The second pinterest comes from The Sassy Pepper: Mod Podge Photo’s on Canvas! It’s a really cute way to display your photography.

There you have it! Today’s Pinterest Wednesday! Don’t forget to follow me on Pinterest: iamfelipa!

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Mani Monday! Sally Hansen Deep Purple. #manimonday (Taken with Instagram)

Your Weekly Case of the Mondays..

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Talk about a hot Saturday afternoon! My family and I decided to hop on the DART Rail today, a very impromptu trip I might add. Here are some of today’s photos that I took while waiting for the train. 

I was messing with my camera settings. No retouching on any of the photographs, all were taken using an Olympus Pen E-PM1 (aka PEN MINI) with the camera’s different built in filters.

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Finally back to regular posting, and today’s post is, Pinterest Wednesday! Today’s installment is all about hair inspiration and some include tutorials which you can go directly by visiting my Pinterest Board: http://pinterest.com/iamfelipa/hair/ .

I love big hair, mostly because mine is big and curly, so most of my hair inspirations are, well, big and curly :). 

Hello readers! I’ve been slacking on publishing blog posts!

Today is:

I’m rocking my District 2- Hunger Games by China Glaze nail colour. I love it!

Not a busy weekend other than I went to the Kenny Chesney & Tim McGraw concert with my family (12 of us) for free! Who doesn’t like free tickets? And to top it off they were FLOOR SEATS! Also, it was a at Cowboys Stadium, it was packed! Apparently 60,000 people were on hand to watch the concert.

Sunday was a laid back day full of sports viewing. Watched Rafael Nadal (until his match was suspended due to rain, resumed Monday at 6 a.m. Central time, he won his 7th French Open Title!), La Furia Roja (Euro 2012), and the Texas Rangers.

Today I sat and watched/read the live blog from Engadget of the Apple WWDC announcement! I captured the screen shot of Siri being asked about the Giants and guess who made an appearence? My Texas Rangers! 

Also, I’m excited about the iOS 6 announcement (Fan Girl here) and OS X Mountain Lion, which you can upgrade to it even if you Snow Leopard like I do, for only $19.99! Yes! I didn’t update to Lion, it was only $30, mostly because I kind of figured there’d be something better. I also wished Siri was coming to my iPad 2, only for iPad 3. Bummer.

I also got tweeted back by Nike! Now if only they could sponsor me, or give me some free shorts, FuelBand, and Nike Free Run+. A girl can dream right? :)

Happy Monday, no case of the Monday’s from this blogger!

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Mani Monday. Glitter + Neon Pink. Feels so Katy Perry-ish.

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