It’s Wednesday, the middle of the week, and it’s raining and freezing (It was 83* yesterday!). I’ve had 2 grande sized coffees today and I guess that’s like 4 cups of caffeine goodness, which is definitely needed on a day that should be spent under a blanket and watching movies, but no, instead of doing that, I’m writing case analysis’, taking notes and organizing. (Planner is from where you can customize all different sorts of planners and even stationary set. This is my second planner. I love them!)

Besides having to do all of the above, I had a nice little monster (oxymoron much?) to keep me company… Andy!

(He didn’t appreciate mommy (me) working and not being able to play with him.)

On my last post I said I bought some wedges, well I went back to the store and these are WAY out there, but I just think these are awesome I might just get them!

(Jessica Simpson, why do you make design such cute shoes?)

I just realized how scattered my blog post is today; I blame it on the weather.

Here is a cute hair-do that I stumbled across on Pinterest yesterday! Can be found on my Hair Pin Board or on the actual bloggers website The Small Things: Half French PonyTail 

(Perfect for spring, don’t you think?)

And finally, I’ve discussed the weather, which happens to also be in the title of this post, but the other part? Silver Lining? Well, It has to do with my favorite song right now, and that is new country singer Kacey Musgraves’ song “Silver Lining”. Go pick up or download her album on iTunes.

Until next time,

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