Ever been on Etsy? Well, I spend way too much time on this website and they have so many cute things! Recently I've seen some of my favorite Fashion Bloggers with a bracelet with numbers on them. I was wondering if perhaps it might have been their birthday, but many had way too many numbers for that to be the case. Then, after a little research I discovered that they were actually Latitude and Longitude Cuffs. These cuffs display whatever city you choose to represent, I of course chose the coordinates for Dallas, Texas (hometown).

The other thing that I noticed? These types of cuffs are extremely expensive, because of the customization! Most if not all usually make theirs out of aluminum and some out of silver (expensive). I did some shopping around and ended up on Etsy, which then led me to ktyDIY's shop. The bracelet is custom made to whatever it is you want the coordinates to be. The best part? It's only $11.50 + shipping! Such a bargain considering other sites charge up to $100 for the same product. I received it quickly even though it was during peak holiday season and with all the delays because of ice back towards the end of December. I delayed writing about my bracelet because I wanted to see if it would last, basically test the quality. The results: It's adjustable to you wrist size and hasn't tarnished or anything. I received plenty of compliments and have also been stopped just to ask what it means. When people find out, they usually want to know where I bought it and so here it is! I might buy some more in the future as gifts.

Here is mine:

Will you be getting you Latitude and Longitude Cuff?
Visit the shop here: https://www.etsy.com/shop/ktyDIY/


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Felipa xoxo

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