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Do y'all remember when wearing glasses was, a total geek/nerd fashion faux pas? Well it isn't now! Everyone is wearing glasses, from the normal rectangle ones to super nerdy, think Clark Kent ones. I've always worn glasses, well since sixth-grade at least. I was surprisingly never bullied for wearing them, but that isn't the case for others. I was never ashamed of wearing glasses, I thought it was actually kind of cool seeing as though my older sister wore some too. She's someone I looked up to, I mean she's 7 years older than me, so when I saw she had some I obviously wanted some too.

These days, wearing contacts isn't considered cool anymore, it's being able to wear glasses. Many new hip and geek chic online glasses store-fronts have opened up in the past couple of years. I was always skeptical of ordering glasses online because my prescription is really strong and I have astigmatism. Last year, around September, I ordered some sunglasses from BonLook and was pleasantly surprised that they made them perfectly. Now I'm contemplating about ordering some more online from BonLook and maybe Warby Parker. First I'll get a new prescription, although I can still see 20/20 with my current glasses. I forgot to mention, prices range from $95-$99 + $30 extra for high-index lenses. The high-index lenses are for those, like me, have a strong prescription and would like the lenses to be thinner.

Here are the possible choices:

Potential Glasses

I didn't even know I was on the website when I went and looked at glasses, LOL. I should say I'm also a BonLook Ambassador, but I do like a lot of what Warby Parker offers.
Here's my sunglasses and my photo with them on:

photo 5

Have you guys ever ordered from these companies? Plan to buy some? Or are you ordering from other companies?
Let me know in the comments section!

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