I like organization, but I have a hard time actually keeping my work area organized. I know it don't make any sense! I highlighted yesterday about the current state of my desk. It's not clean yet either. Procrastination happens to be a friend of mine and here I thought I would get rid of it once I finished college. Yeah, not so much.

Today's post is just a little collage of how my desk SHOULD look like, but doesn't. Imagine the products in black, and that is exactly how my office looks (under all the mess)!

Desk Essentials

I actually need that lighting so I'll be making a trip to Ikea very soon, perhaps next weekend. I need more lighting than a lamp and my computer screen. Most of this stuff is actually very affordable except the lighting actually. I need to find a cheeper alternative, but for now I'll choose this one which is what I saw online. I know however there's one huge section Ikea that is all about lighting!

Hope this helps gives some desk inspiration!

Until next time,
xo Felipa
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