Hey readers! So lately I've been blogging and working from my couch. Why? Well, my desk currently looks like a tornado swept through it. It's actually a really sad looking mess. There's paper balls everywhere, my camera is just laying there, which I might add that I may sell it if I finally decide to get the Canon T3. I have legal pads and just journals all over the place a few books and textbooks, pens, pencils, highlighters, and nail polishes on it. My desk is actually kind of small. I have a little work area so when I purchased my desk I had to settle on have a small one that would fit my MacBook Pro.

Now though, I also work from home (telecommute) 2-3 days a week and that means working on my work computer (MacBook Air) as well! I should also mention I use my iPad too as a second screen sometimes, so the space is being completely utilized already. I'm thinking of maybe getting on of those corner desks. I just need more surface area too work. I even have one of those portable laptop desks you can find at Ikea, but I use that as a printer stand.

I have a 2 book shelves built into my desk but they are already full and I'm a big book collector. I do love my iPad and iBooks, but sometimes there are certain books that should be owned in paperback/hardcover. Anyways, here's my dilemma, I want NEED more work space! So what do I do? Go on Pinterest and look at how to better utilize or better yet, buy a new desk. We'll see. For now, I'll settle on a little Desk Inspiration and clean my desk off to have a better work area.

espaciohogar.com.wp-content.uploads.341776_thumb1 ikea-office-design-image IKEA-small-office-4

How does y'alls desks look like? Clutter, clean, organized chaos? Let me know in the comments!

Until next time,
xo Felipa
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