For most of the country it's Spring, but here in Texas we have a bit of everything. This week however, it is supposedly going into the HIGH 80s. Yeah, we are getting closer to those Summer months along with the Summer heat! So of course it's time for me to switch up my hair color game. Also, I need to trip the ends since their unfortunately kind of well, dead. I know there are some girls that go out every few months that get their hair trimmed. I however have the WORST time getting my hair cut even it if it is just for a trim.

I currently have dark brown hair in long layers. My hair actually feels heavy at times and yes, I do wear extension in my hair (clip-on ones from LuxyHair) whenever I'm going somewhere and want to add more length to my already long hair. I don't however wear them in the summer, it's just to hot and so not worth it!

Now that I've explained my hair issues, lol I am finally committing to getting my haircut maybe by like at most 3 inches, I know, not a lot but it is for me. Also, I think adding some highlights to my hair. Not ombre like hair, but more of a dimensional type of highlighting. AND! I think I might get side swept bangs. I know some of y'all are thinking everyone has those, well I don't because I have curly hair so it's a bit tricky. Sometimes it looks like I might already have them, but in reality I just do a heavy side part to fake it.

Here are some hair cut ideas:

Which is your favorite? Are you thinking of changing your hair? If so, let me know in the comments!

hair 3 hair 4 hair 5

(I'm thinking of either going with Jessica (Biel) Timberlake's hair
the second hair and even perhaps length!)

Until next time,
xo Felipa

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