I'll be gone for about a week...

But not from my blog, just from my lovely city! I'm headed south to Austin! I'm actually going on a business trip and not for a fun getaway...womp womp womp! I'll try to update my blog from there, but I don't know how the internet will work during down time in the hotel.

What exactly is it I'll be doing? I'll actually be going down there for "DrupalCon". I work for a web design firm/shop that makes websites for companies using Drupal, which is actually like Wordpress, but more technical and complicated in my opinion. Don't worry, I'm a definitely a Wordpress girl! It's such less complex. I'm learning how the CMS works, but at the end of the day, I'm just a marketing coordinator. So there's a little insight to my work life!

Oh! I'm also driving at the butt crack of dawn Monday morning lol.

I'll keep you guys updated.

Until next time,

Felipa xoxo

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