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Hey there readers! 

Yesterday my best friend and I went to the Jesse McCartney In Technicolor Concert at the House of Blues-Dallas. It was AMAZING! He was so entertaining to watch and had you singing to every word. It’s very rare when an artist DOESN’T use a back track, but instead back-up singers. I’m a big fan of 2000s pop, so obviously I was dying to see him live. We had amazing balcony seats, because let’s be honest, there was no way we were going to be standing with hundreds of sweaty bodies and taller than our 5’3” height ha!

I took some video of most of the concert except for 3 songs. Experience the concert like we did below!

*Click on the little grey box so the youtube video pops up. Switch the quality to 1080P HD by selecting the little gear on the bottom right of the video. Looks amazing in full screen when you do this.


Until next time,
Felipa xoxo

Hey there readers! So, last week I finally had my “stiletto nails” taken off. They look awesome, but for someone like me that works exclusively using JUST a computer, well, it can get annoying. I kept typing the wrong letters and make a lot of noise on the keyboard. Also, it was annoying using the credo card swipe readers when entering my PIN number. 

Anyways, when I went to get them taken off, I opted for a standard manicure. You know, file, polish, bottom coat, color, and top coat. I also noticed that whenever I go to the nail salon they the color on my nails tends to stay longer without chipping and NOT using Gel Color. I like to my nails at home, but by the third day I have to do a touch up, not convenient. Back to me being at the salon, the nail tech doing my nails put all the things he was going to put on my nail bed. He brought out this orange Orlypolish that is supposed to make the nail color you put over it stick because it ends up acting like rubber. Weird, I know! Also for a top coat he used the same brand Orly to finish it. My nails didn’t chip until today, Sunday, exactly a week from when I got my nails done.

I went to Sally’s Beauty Supply and bought both the basecoat and top coat the nail tech used. I hope this will make my nail polish stay on longer like it did when I got them done at the salon. Imagine the savings! I won’t have to visit my nail salon often anymore, now that I got the secret to keeping a longer manicure.


The products I used today for my at home manicure are pictured above and can be purchased here:

This is the best way to make your manicure to last longer when doing your nails at home. Besides, most of us live busy lives and don’t have the luxury to visit the nail salon when we want to just get a polish change.

Until next time!
Felipa xoxo

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YA legend Lois Lowry talks about seeing her famous book on the big screen… » 

The Giver opens in theaters nation-wide tonight! 

Hey there readers!

So I finally received my last package that I was expecting and by far my favorite! I’ve always wanted a really good pair of headphones, but let’s get real they can be expensive. I got really tired of my iPhone headphones because they always get tangles, lose it’s power, and one ear always stops working. It’s also annoying that whenever I’m at the gym or even just walking in general, they come out of my ears. 

I finally made the decision to buy the Solo2 Beats by Dr. Dre. I LOVE THEM! I can definitely hear the difference from my iPhone headphones and these. I also like the subtle noise canceling effect they have, yet you can still hear enough when someone is calling your name that is if you don’t blast your music, then you can’t hear a thing.

I love the color I chose as well as the little storage pouch it came with. It’s also very connivence that they collapse so they don’t take a lot of room, since they are slightly large, ok they are large, but worth it.

I can’t wait to sit at my desk and just jam with these on.

Until next time,
Felipa xoxo

A few posts back I wrote about waiting for my first birchbox. Imagine my surprise when I noticed they had sent me TWO boxes. One for July and the other for this month August. 

A lot of the samples are items I will find myself using. I don’t want to love the products, mostly because the full size is pretty pricey and well then I feel obligated to buy them if I love them. But we shall see..

Here are photos of the samples and boxes they came in. The women’s health one actually came with a 1 year free subscription to the magazine! Very awesome.

Until next time,

Felipa xoxo

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Sneak peek of my TWO @birchbox I received today! #birchbox #samples #beauty #blogger #lifestyleblogger

With school starting up again, I thought I’d share some of my favorite planners that I used when I was in college. One that isn’t pictured is May Designs agenda that I still use till this day. I use the one with blank days and weeks to fit my schedule rather than follow an academic one. 

Below you’ll find some of the planners that have cute designs and are sturdy enough to last you through a whole year. 

2015 agendas

Remember how I mentioned I was getting some goodies in the mail? Well, I received my calligraphy kit from Design Roots!

I must say it was FAST shipping, just one day! Also, I was testing it out for a bit and it’s actually pretty hard. I guess I’ll just have to PRACTICE. However, I’ll post samples of my calligraphy once it looks semi-decent. In the mean time, here are some photos of this kit itself. 

You can purchase you own kit here: Design Roots - C is for Calligraphy

This month I’ll be receiving quite a few goodies in the mail! 

First, a couple of weeks ago I got an email from my city Guilt weekly specials. Basically, the Dallas Gilt  had an offer for Birchbox for 1-year for only $79! It’s seems like a lot right? However, it actually cost $120 when you buy it straight from the company. Each box is worth $10, so I got a really great deal on it. I just learned that my monthly box has been shipped, and I can’t wait to unbox and show you guys what I got this month.

Secondly, I don’t know about y’all, but I have an obsession with collecting notebooks. I’ll show my collection in a future post soon. With that being said, I have always love May Designs books, I would buy agendas and just regular notebooks. I remembered that a while back they teamed up with someone for a Calligraphy Kit. I finally researched and found out they teamed up with Design Roots, that happens to be just a little north from me in Frisco, Texas. I ordered the C is for Calligraphy (Kit) Base one. I didn’t think I needed extra nibs right now that I’m just beginning. The base kit includes one calligraphy workbook (by May Designs), one pen, one Brause 66 nib, and a 1/2 oz jar of black ink for $28.  I love modern calligraphy so what better way to practice than this!

Thirdly, May Designs is having a store wide 40% off sale! If you haven’t ever bought from them you should! Their little notebooks are so sturdy! I don’t actually need more, but I just can pass the chance of 40% off. 

Until next time,
xo xo Felipa

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