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I’ve been a little MIA, because I was sick, again! It sucks, but not as bad as the last time (No food poisoning this time)!  

Anyways, I recently has a new eye prescription so of course I had to get new frames. I’ve always wanted to buy some glasses from Warby Parker, but was afraid to buy them online. However, Dallas now has a Warby Parker boutique! So needless to say I went last weekend and got fitted for a pair of glasses. I had about 5 they I REALLY liked! I settled (for now) on a pair of somewhat hipster, yet normal looking square-ish/rectangle glasses called in  Seymour in the color Whiskey Tortoise.

I paid a total of $125, there are no taxes! I assume because when you go to the boutique they end up ordering them online (New York store), however, they also measure you eyes. These are seriously the CHEAPEST pare of glasses I’ve ever worn, yet don’t feel or look cheap. I’ve had high end designer glasses that have cost close to $1000 for the same results and quality. 

I will be going back and ordering 1 more pair of glasses, just because. Also going back to the optometrist and get fitted for contacts, even though I don’t really like them, but when you are paying for insurance every month, I might as well get the most of it.

Here are some photo’s of how my glasses came and me wearing them:

Until next time,
xoxo Felipa

P.S.: Will you or have you bought any Warby Parker glasses before?

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