If any of y'all have been reading online and on Instagram, you might have noticed that it was New York Fashion Week. I loved most of the fashion, but I also loved how the models had their nails done.

I'm a little obsessed with nail art and manicured nails to begin with ( I own around 50-ish nail polishes give or take) so of course I noticed the nail designs. From the classic red nails to the outrageously colorful nails there was a style for everyone. One particular stye that I really loved was the nail art on models for Kate Spade and Erin Fetherston. The nails are a solid color with a gold or silver stripe on the nail where normally the white tip of French Manicure would end.
Kate Spade (Left) and Erin Fetherston (Right)

I took this look and recreated, but with a twist. I added more lines to certain fingers and chose a dark color. I felt like this made the line pop more. I do however love the shockingly white nail color.

NYFW Inspired Nails -- My spin on this nail look

The products used for this look (all items purchased by me):

  • Revlon Colorstay Gel Envy- #500 in Ace of Spades (Target)
  • Cina Nail Creations - Nail Stripping Tape 1/64" in Silver (Sally Beauty Supply)
  • Small Scissors for cutting the tape (It came with a manicure kit, similar)
  • Nail clippers (Bath & Body Works) to cut the excess tape that hangs to the side of the nails
  • Orly Polished Topcoat (Sally Beauty Supply)- This is seriously my favorite topcoat, actually any orly topcoat is my favorite. 

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You will want to add a basecoat to your nail bed. Honestly I just put a coat of my topcoat.
  1. Color your nail your desired color and let it completely dry. You seriously don't want to have smudged nails for a look like this. The silver nail tape is very flashy and draws attention, seriously.
  2. Make sure you don't have any kind of lotion residue on your hands. I learned the hard way that this will mess with the tape bonding to the nail. You can prevent this by taking some hand sanitizer right before you being and put it all over your hand and nails like you normally would. The alcohol in the hand sanitizer will reduce the moisture and oily residue.
  3. Take the tape strip and cute enough to cover the width of you nailed. Don't be afraid to over estimate the length. This is why we have our clippers to trim the excess off. Think of how a manicurist usually cuts your cuticles, well it's similar, but you're just cutting of the tape, no cuticle here. Press down really well on the tape to make sure it stays on. 
  4. Once you've finished all your nails, add a coat of the topcoat of your choice, wait to dry and your DONE!
Will you be trying this look? Let me know in the comments!

Until next time,
Felipa xoxo

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