Hey there readers! I recently wrote a post on my top 5 photo apps, well now I'm taking those edited photos and printing them. I have a couple of Apps that I use to print photos directly from my phone.

Today, I'm sharing one of the print apps that I used recently to make some cute Polaroid inspired prints. That app is called Foxgram available on the Apple App Store, I'm not sure about Android.

When you first open your app, it will take you to this screenshot pictured to the left, and then from here you select the type of prints you want and the size. I chose the 3"x4"prints, which are the equivalent of small polaroid prints like the new Fujifilm Instax Share printer that has been making the rounds on Instagram.

You save $199 + paper costs. These prints are only 35 cents with a minimum of 10. You can also pay with your Apple Pay as form of payment. You can also choose directly from Instagram or your camera roll.

The paper is matte and the image it's self is a 2"X2" compared to my other prints. I like it, it seems like the images aren't really coated with anything to avoid aging, but for the price and turn around, I'm pretty happy. For the record, I still have a POGO (Polaroid to Go) printer from years ago, that uses Zink paper, which is similar to Fuji film where there's no ink involved in the printer, but rather on the paper. Those also tend to fade. Unfortunately, I don't use it anymore because it's not compatible with iPhone's bluetooth, I used to use it way back when I had a Blackberry Bold. Yeah THAT long ago.

Below are some of the pictured I received yesterday. It only took 3 days to receive and came in a little letter package strong enough that it wouldn't bend in my mailbox, which I'm lucky because I tend to not check it for days.
Obviously I take a lot of pictures of my dog :). What do you think? Will y'all be ordering some for fun and adding them to fun scrapbooks or clip them on a piece of twine and hang them? Let me know in the comments below :).

Until next time,
Felipa xoxo

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