Hi there readers! If you have been following me on Instagram you might have noticed a photo of a new selfie stick that I was graciously given by ReTrak. I will say that I have a Bluetooth Selfie stick already form another company, but trying to keep my phone to stay and actually connect is the worst.

The ReTrak Wired Selfie Stick actually keeps my phone in place, without swiveling and the build in "remote" on the stick makes it easier with out carrying other accessories.

So what exactly have I used my Selfie Stick for? Because of it's expandability, it gives me a chance to get a closer picture and angle of my fur baby, Andy.

So as you can see, a selfie can be used more than just a device to take a selfie. Wondering how it looks? (That is an iPhone 6, just in case you were wondering the size of the phone).

Want your own selfie stick? You can win your own with ReTrak's weekly contest that they are hosting on the website (http://r3trak.com/contest)! Take your best selfie and maybe you can be enjoying your own selfie stick! Get creative!

Here's a little shameless selfie used with the ReTrak selfie stick:

Until next time, Felipa XOXO
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