Y'all this is exciting news!

I finally bought a full blown Digital SLR! 

I've recently have been using my iPhone 6 and a Samsung Smart Camera (I'll use this for sporting events that don't allow DSLR cameras, except for the Texas Rangers). I also have a micro three-forths Olympus Pen Mini, but I'm not gonna lie, I dropped it so many times and lost the charger. I know bad, but if anything, the lenses on that camera are ridiculously priced! I'm talking $300+. Talk about a horrible investment on my part. I was an early adopter of the small compact cameras. It was a $600 camera, which is now marked for $200, but oh yeah, it's now discontinued and out of stock with very limited expensive lenses. NEVER AGAIN.

So, I finally made the decision and went and bought the Canon Rebel T5! It's one of the beginner series DSLRs out there, but for my needs it was fine. I've heard many photographers say that a camera isn't what makes the photo's look amazing, it's the way the photographer takes the photo. I'd like to say I'm an amateur photographer. I did take photo's at my cousin's wedding back in December with her Nikon DSLR, and were pretty decent. Here's the post of the wedding with the wedding pictures.

The camera was part of a kit. It came with the body and a lens that is an EF-S 18mm-55mm. I could have opted for the other bundle that had a second lens, but I saved money for another lens I really want, which is a Canon EF 50mm f/1.8 Camera Lens; it's great for portrait, headshots, and the oh so important outfit of the day.

Here are some test photos that I have taken today:

The picture below was taken with my samsung camera and lighting from the iPhone flashlight. I read somewhere that if you didn't have one of those external flashes (not built into the camera) you can use the iPhones flashlight feature to direct light where you need it! Plus, you save money buy not needing to buy an external flash for the time being. I'll be slowly building my camera bag with all of the goodies! Slowly but surely.

What do you guys use for your picture taking needs? Have you invested in any lenses that you think I could use or would come in handy?

Let me know in the comments below! :)
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