If you have been following me on Twitter or Instagram, then you probably now know about my obsession with my new scrapbook-like planner The Happy Planner by Me And My Big Idea and more recently, with planner stickers. I have been a planner addict since high school (I was involved in way too many school activities). I had a high school issued planner (actually it started in middle school) then the hunt for the cutest planner every year all through my senior year. My go to shop was of course Target.

Then when I got to college, I was given one for my freshman orientation, which I did use and became handy for events, holidays, breaks, etc. After that year, it became the same old let me go to Target and find a good academic planner. Finally, my Junior and Senior year, I was watching GMA (Good Morning America) and noticed they were offering a discount code on regular and academic planners by Many books/MayDesigns. I was hooked! I’ve bought this planner for the past five years since I was first introduced to them. I still order from this site, however, now just to have cute personalized journals.

Now, one day, it was late at night, and it started off with watching videos from my favorite Makeup YouTube Guru, Nicole Guerriero, that I saw a suggested video of ‘Plan with Me’. Of course I was like, “why do people want to show others how they write in a planner?”

OMG! I’m so glad I watched it because it introduced me to what people were doing with their Erin Condren and MAMBI Happy Planner. After that, I probably spent another 1 to 2 hours watching “plan with me” videos. I was addicted especially after I saw the different types of stickers everyone used to personalize their planner.
By the way my favorite planners on YouTube:

And the day before I left for New Orleans (blog is coming) I ordered my MAMBI Planner (it was more that 50% off what an Erin Condren planner cost. I didn’t want to commit to such an expensive planner if I knew I was going to be spending more money on stickers, templates, etc. That’s just me, though. The Erin Condren is just as good, and perhaps considered the original in this scrapbook-like planner. I just chose a budget friendly one that wouldn’t make me feel guilty for buying it then just gave up on it. But I doubt I will, I bought a lot of sticker templates the weekend I came back from vacation.

The best part about these shops? They offer PDF and JPEG sticker printables for less than $3! I actually use heavy 65lb cardstock from Michael’s that is on sale this week for $2 for 50 sheets and just cut the shapes out and use crafters glue or a tape runner, whichever is within reach of me and my planner. I have a regular HP Wireless OfficeJet Printer. Nothing fancy.

Here are pictured from this week’s spread that I decorated. I need to get more washi tape to add and cover some of space not covered by the “stickers”:
Planner Stickers

I’ll be posting photos of my planner on my Iinstagram: @iamfelipa of the next weeks spread.

Is this something you would do? Or is it just too much? Let me know in the comments below!

Ed Sheeran at Toyota Stadium

by Felipa Villegas, 10:11 PM
Saturday night my best friend Jessica and I attended the Ed Sheeran X Concert in Frisco, Texas. This was actually my birthday present to Jessica!

Let’s start by saying that it was EXTREMELY crowded, and the parking was a nightmare. It was my first time going to the stadium (soccer) and didn’t realize just how big it was. Luckily for us, we sat with our backs facing west, which totally blocked the sun. Our seats were on the right of the stage; it still felt like we were pretty far even though we were only 1 section away from the stage. That’s just how big the stadium felt. Think AT&T Stadium (Cowboys) if you’ve ever been there.

I was snapchatting (add me: iamfelipa) throughout the concert, but of course when you have like 50,000 people around you using cell phones, it slows if not halts all service even with full bars. It was annoying. The snaps should still be up, but fear not, I also captured video and pictures with my phone, so I’ve compiled it into a 6-minute video below. I, unfortunately, missed recording his epic encore or should I say his 30-minute EPIC encore. He went BANANAS and sang one of his songs then mixed it with 50 Cent’s- In the Club, a variety of Eminem, Drake’s Know Yourself, and a lot more. He rapped so fast and for so long it was hard to keep up. I did capture the very last song of his encore, which is the last clip on the video.

I really can’t wait to see him again. Also, he has no band with him. It’s just Ed, his guitars, and a looping system.

IMG_0491 IMG_0492
Separate to the concert review:

I’ve been completely MIA from the good ole blog here, but that’s because work has been extremely busy! Events every Monday late hours, birthdays, planning for NOLA, and a baby shower.

Now that labor day weekend is here, I have enough time to enjoy my weekend and WRITE. So more content is on its way!

Stay tuned,

XOXO Felipa
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