Do you have a Canon T5 and can’t use a wireless shutter remote? I have the solution with this neat little CHEAP attachment. I’ll be showing you guys how you can attach it to your Canon T5 also referred to as a Canon 1200 so you can take your own outfit of the days for your blog!

I’ve always struggled but finding people to take my photos for me when I have outfits when going to work or what have you, not for lack of money, just crazy work schedule and keeping up with a blog. I purchased my Canon a few months ago because it was on sale since the T6 and T6i were about to hit stores. However, I decided to go for the T5 instead of T5i, because of the price and not really needing the flip screen at the time. Now here I am a few months down the road needing my photos taken. Well come to find out, the Canon T5 doesn’t have IR available, the radio frequency to allow the user to use those mini wireless shutter remotes to do self-photography.

I really didn’t want to use a wired shutter remote, because you would be able to see the cable and also because they don’t make them long enough. So, after a few hours or research through Google, Amazon, and YouTube, I found out you can buy a kit that contains WIRED transmitter (this connects to your camera) and the wireless remote that controls the shutter. It sounds complicated and intimidating, but it really isn’t!

I bought this kit off of Amazon: VILTORX JY-120-C1 wireless remote shutter release for Canon (This is not an affiliate link at all. This is just the direct link to the product/store I bought it from).
A little bit about the product:

Viltrox remote shutter release JY-120 can be used to operate the camera remotely by the wireless control to reduce camera shakiness and increase the sharpness of the images. Strong interference-resistance capacity and exhausted power consumption design benefit a longer period of use. The frequency is 2.4MHZ, and the product uses AAA battery.

The transmitter portion sits on top of your camera while plugged into the side where a traditional wired remote would be attached, next to the USB & HDMI plug-ins. Turn that on the small remote as well. A side not, the remote is extremely compact that it fits completely in the palm of my hand out of view. A half press of the remote focuses the lens and then a full press will take the photo. The only 2 settings I found it has is single shot or a continuous shot which the remote refers to as ‘BULB’.

The Cost:

$15.99 + $4.50 shipping. I’m not sure how the price changed but still comes out to about the same price I paid. I paid $20.99 with Prime 2-day shipping.

Here is how it looks on my camera:

How the packaging looks:

Final Thoughts:

So I really do love this handy gadget that will allow me to take daily OOTD as well as other subjects. It has a very LONG range! I tested it at by standing about 15 feet away from the camera and it still took pictures. It claims it can take photos from 100 meters. I put my camera on a tripod and snapped away. There is one slight problem, the transmitter covers the pop-up flash, however, everyone knows not to use it and stick with natural outdoor lighting so it’s not a big deal, well at least for me.

Would you consider buying it so you can take your own photos when you don’t have the budget or don’t ever have a great time so that a professional photographer can take your photos? Let me know in the comments below!
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