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Hi, there blog friends! The new year has started so as it is my usual tradition, I am debuting a new website design for my blog!

My website is responsive across all platforms! Also, can you believe my blog is now hosted on Blogger? I've switched back and forth many times from Wordpress and Blogger. Recently, I've noticed that blogger now has the ability to have many different templates once only to be achieved if you used Wordpress. Also, most themes for Blogger are only $15 with similar ones available for Wordpress at $45+. I'm not knocking on Wordpress because that's where I started blogging years ago, however, Blogger and Google Domains gives the opportunity to host my website for FREE and only pay $12 a month for my domain name. BARGAIN!

Blogger is a lot simpler to use, nothing terribly fancy about it at all. However, most of the functionality is down on the backend and not all built into the theme making it easier to update and change themes often and not have to worry about loosing settings. This ultimately makes it run faster in terms of loading content. Also, I don't have a cap on the amount of media I load! Yasss!

I can't wait to add more content this year for you guys! I've already got started on my content calendar, so my blog posts won't be so scared as they have the past few months.

Also, how neat is the slider at the top with featured posts?! That's quite possibly my favorite feature of the new website! 2016 is already starting out GREAT!

Let me know what you think of the design :)

Happy New Year Blog Fam!

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