Everyone Needs a Planner in their Life

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It's no secret I love all things planner... I bought a Cricut just so I could start printing my own stickers! Well, I went from using a regular size Happy Planner (turned it into a scrapbook/memory keeping), followed by a Mini Happy Planner, but I just couldn't get used to the horizontal planning. 

Now, I am using the Recollections Personal Planner with my very own inserts! I made my weekly insert just last week and got to use them this week for the very first time!

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As you all can see above, my inserts actually fit stickers that would fit made for the Happy Planner or Erin Condren. Yes, I have only one square for each day, but honestly, it makes me feel less overwhelmed by having to think about decorating ALL OF THE WHITE SPACE. I used to spend over an hour figuring out how to plan in the large Happy Planner when I really didn't have much going on like I did when I was in college. 

Also, this makes it so much easier for me to jot down what needs to get done instead of worrying about making everything pretty or if I had enough stickers to decorate. 

If you're like me and need to use a planner, but also don't want to feel bogged down at the thought having to over decorate then I suggest you try these inserts. Also, why would anyone have a plain planner anyway? If you gotta do stuff, at least make it pretty 😉. 

Most people would charge for these, but I won't! I'm giving away my planner templates for FREE! These will fit almost all Personal Size Planners, like the Recollections Planner, FiloFax, Kikki-K Medium Planners, etc. 

Click on the download cloud to get your PDF version of the planner inserts!
Weekly Planner Personal Spread

How to Print:
This is where it gets tricky. I have an HP Officejet 4630 Series printer. 

1) When my prints, it comes out like this:
2) When it's time to adding the back so it aligns, I have to insert the paper just at came out so like the one below, i.e. the same. That way, when it feeds into the printer, it will eventually print on the back of the first weekly spread. 

3) it's super important to print only 1 of 1 first, then 2 of 2(which is the 'back'), and you will have an exact back to back weekly spread. It will take time to figure out how to print these so start by printing only 1 at a time until you see how your printer feeds and prints. It took me a while 😅.

Once you get the hang of it and If you plan to print more than 10, I suggest print 10 copies of the 1st page first, then feed them all when you are ready to print side 2 of 2. It saves you time...TRUST ME.

4) Cut along the light gray lines/outer boxes. The margins next to Monday, Wednesday, Thursday, and Saturday, will be where you will punch your holes. 

5) I use Adobe Acrobat Reader, a FREE PDF reader for both Mac and Windows. When you are getting to print, set it to ACTUAL SIZE. Like in the print window example below:

Let me know how it goes! I will also upload some sticker spreads on here so you can then use them in YOUR planners!
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