graduate school - why I am attending

I left the blog for a while there because I was deciding on some big life decisions. Actually, it's not that big, but it does impact my free time. I had always said I would go back to school to get another degree because, in an ideal world, I'd be a professional student. However, I have to pay bills, so I became a working adult.

Fast forward four years and I finally decided that another undergrad degree wasn't something that interested anymore, but rather furthering my current career as a digital marketer. Back in May, I was fiddling with the idea of maybe it's time to go back. I looked at various schools with Digital Marketing degrees. However, the catch was that it would have to be a strictly online degree, from an accredited school of course. After finally pulling the trigger and applied to 3 programs, which all happened to be Master in Science degrees. Yep, that's right, I applied for graduate school.